"They said I looked better, seemed happier,
and that I had lost weight!"

I have been using Activive for nine months now and the results have been truly positive. I had muscle and joint difficulties, both leaving me with discomfort and very low energy levels.

Before taking Activive I spent a lot of time in bed and very sad because I had no energy to do anything that I enjoyed due to the discomfort.

Now that I have been taking Activive, in two to three weeks I already noticed changes happening. I started taking three capsules then reduced it down to two capsules daily. My energy level grew and my discomfort decreased.

Now after nine months I am working with my hands again fixing, working on my vehicle, doing maintenance on my house, painting, building, etc and I can go for walks again.

Also I noticed I was slowly building muscle tissue again, taking Activive over a period of nine months helped me get stronger allowing me to do things I could not do before.

Also I noticed I did not have to eat has much has I did before taking Activive. It seemed the food I ate seemed to stay with me longer. My neighbours even noticed the change in me and asked what I was doing different. They said I looked better, seemed happier, and that I had lost weight.

Overall I feel much better now, I still experience some degree of discomfort every day but Activive helps me to cope better with my condition. Activive truly works, I would recommend this to anyone who has muscle and fatigue issues.

Activive has given me back a better life than I had before, and for that I am truly grateful to the men and women involved in creating this natural product. Thank you.

- Wilfred D, (Canada) 09/25/2008

"I have four active toddlers that need their mom.
Mom is back!"

I found your product on the Internet. Since it was all natural ingredients, I gave it a try. Within four days I was feeling more like myself again. A friend who has the same issue as me does not take it, and it seems that she is in bed three or four days each week.

I have four active toddlers that need their mom. Mom is back! After about two years of being on only one capsule per day I started (aging) feeling fatigued again, I raised my intake to two per day and within two days I was feeling remarkably better and revived. I couldn't live my active life even one day without my Activive! Thank you for your product.

- Lynn S, (TX) 10/10/2008