"Now all it takes is one kiss or a simple touch."

Hi. My name is Bethanee. I started taking Climaxol about two weeks ago. I'm a first-time mother of a beautiful six month old boy. After my son, I became very sad all the time and my sex drive went down the drain completely. My fiancé and I had this fire in the bedroom before we had our son, and I missed that so much. We started fighting bad about it because it would be weeks, even a month, at a time before we had sex, but Climaxol has changed that.

Before Climaxol, the thought of any sexual activity made me roll my eyes because I just didn't want to do anything, but now all it takes is one kiss or a simple touch. We have that fire and passion back that we both missed so much. Not only that, but my stress level has gone way down. I'm happier as well. It's only the second week of taking Climaxol and it's already making a huge difference. I recommend Climaxol to any woman having problems.

- Bethanee, (LA) 02/11/2008

"Now we are both satisfied, and we thank Climaxol!"

Hi, we are couple living in Germany and we have found success with Climaxol. My girlfriend and I have been together for almost two years now. In the first year of our relationship we were experiencing hard times with sex. She could not come to orgasm without means of a vibrator, and we just could not find another way to bring her to orgasm without one.

I was surfing the net and saw your product Climaxol, and after discussing trying it out, we ordered the product. We are so glad we did! My girlfriend reaches orgasm almost every time we have sexual intercourse, and she even claims to feel more aroused just by the simple thought of sex.

The product has help us in every aspect of our sexual relationship. I, of course, feel much better with sex now that my girlfriend can reach orgasm. I was feeling so guilty that only I was having pleasure during sex, now we both are satisfied and we thank Climaxol for it. Thank you!

- Dan P, (Germany) 02/22/2009