"My doctor had been saying 'exercise and diet' . . . "

I had purchased Diamaxol as a last resort for proper blood sugar control. I live with serious blood sugar complications, and my doctor had been saying over and over again, 'exercise and diet . . .'

One day, I decided to take two capsules. I checked my blood sugar a few hours later and was surprised to see 96 was the BC. Normally at that time I was always running high in the 200s. I could not believe it!

And without even consciously trying, I lost ten pounds. My energy and self esteem level rose and I joined a gym and went on a healthy eating habit. I am happy to say I have lost 65+ pounds! Thank you so much for this product . . . all I needed was a little boost!

- Manjula, (FL) 09/30/2008

"Diamaxol has worked wonders for me!"

I have been on Diamaxol for 12 days now. Diamaxol has worked wonders for me in this short period of time, with my blood sugar averaging 103 over the past two weeks. I am pleasantly surprised over the way my body has responded so quickly to the Diamaxol. And as a matter of interest, I am a married to a medical doctor, who is even more surprised, as you might imagine.

Also, because I know how much this information could help others who are in the same situation, and in the name of accurate reporting, there are a couple of other facts that might help.

(1) I am 6'4'' and weigh 235 pounds, muscular and not overweight. I started by taking one Diamaxol one hour before breakfast and the same before the evening meal. After six days, I added one Diamaxol with lunch.

(2) I also began drinking a mixture of apple cider with water a few weeks earlier, and eating wheat bread from a local health store, which is dense, nutritious, and filled with fiber.

I'm convinced that both of these have aided my health, but there is no question that it was the addition of Diamaxol that caused the abrupt and much appreciated change. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- David S, (MI) 03/27/2007

"My doctor was so amazed, he wrote me a letter."

Diamaxol has been simply amazing! My doctor does not believe in herbs so I did not tell him I was taking it. My first blood test he was so amazed he wrote me a letter. My A1C had dropped a full point, my cholesterol was normal after years of being high, my HDL and LDL were better than normal, my liver function tests were perfect.

In fact he said my blood work was that of a 20 year old. I tell everyone about Diamaxol every chance I get and one friend used it to simply help lower his cholesterol. It works better than anything he has tried.

Thanks for your wonderful product. I'm very happy I tried it.

- Jim L, (Colorado) 04/16/2009