"I couldn't use the traditional approach . . ."

For anyone looking to optimize the health of the GI tract, I would recommend that you start taking this marvelous product. I could not use the traditional approach to help my digestion so I switched to this marvelous supplement feeling I had nothing to lose.

Within two weeks after starting Digestrol, I felt immeasurably better so I began to expand my diet. Within a few more weeks, I was able to tolerate all the previously noxious foods which had caused chaos in my gut. I stayed with Digestrol.

One thing I learned is that WHITE SUGAR is to be avoided at all costs.

I cannot recommend this marvelous agent too highly for any support involving the GI tract.

Dr. Herve Byron
Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology
NYU School of Medicine

- Dr. Herve Byron, (NY) 10/25/2008

"I missed having dinner with my children..."

Almost 2 years ago I wasn’t able to eat anything except yogurt and Jello. I became very thin and my health began to suffer. I missed having dinner with my children.

Then I found the product Digestrol. I thought why not so I started taking it and was thankful I did. I thought I would give it a test run so I made spaghetti. I took one tablet 30 minutes before I ate. It worked the first time! I was able to eat without a problem.

Now I am able to eat dinner with my children and feel great with no worries. I would definitely recommend Digestrol to every digestive health sufferer. The product is natural, it doesn’t have chemicals, and it works!

- Brenda, (MI) 06/01/2007