"I used every weight loss product on the market . . ."

In October 2007 I first started using Glucofast. I had used every weight loss product on the market and they all claimed to do the same thing - LOSE WEIGHT. The problem was that it was not sustainable, and the weight I would lose I put back on and then some.

In October 2007 my weight was 136 kilograms [299.2 lbs]. Now it's June 2008 and I am 46 kilograms [101.2 lbs] lighter - 90 kilograms [198 lbs] currently. I would suggest Glucofast to everyone I meet who has this problem. I am a perfect example of what this product CAN do. Keep up the good work MicroNutra, I am in your debt.

- Nick, (Australia) 09/06/2008

"I highly recommend Glucofast to my patients
for weight loss."

I use Glucofast to assist with my blood sugar control and I highly recommend it to my patients for weight loss. I also highly recommend Uricinex for those suffering from joint discomfort as it is very good in keeping the uric acid from forming and crystallizing. Thank you.

- Dr. Eugene Quan, (Canada) 09/22/2008