"You will find success with this product!"

My name is Dana and I decided to take HealthSlim as a part of my active lifestyle to give me that extra boost to achieve the results I desire. As a college softball player, I had become accustomed to 3 hour workouts, 2-a-days, and weekend-long tournaments plus extra pitching practices. That active lifestyle gave me the best physique I have ever had and in turn, I had the most confidence.

After I graduated from the program and entered the working world, I didn't have enough time to workout the same amount of time at the same intensity. I needed to find something to help me achieve the same results without putting the ridiculous hours in.

I recommend HealthSlim to people already committed to a healthy and active lifestyle. If you follow the HealthSlim guidelines and stay away from alcohol, simple sugars and diet pop while maintaining an active lifestyle either on the field or in the gym, you will find success with this product.

With me, the results I saw first were in my measurements and the way my clothes fit, then the number on the scale started to decrease. I was drawn to HealthSlim because it is an all-natural product so there was little to no risk of side effects, plus the 90-day 100% guarantee was an added bonus; if I found that the product didn't help me I could get my money back.

The best of luck!

- Dana F, (MI) 03/27/2009

"I have lost a total of 16 pounds so far . . . "

I just wanted to let everyone know the great results I have gotten and how much the product HealthSlim has helped me. I have lost so far a total of 16 pounds and I feel so much better just by dropping that small amount of weight. I would recommend HealthSlim to everyone.

- Jerry, (MI) 11/11/2006