"I expressed my concern to my daughter . . . "

Just wanted to let you know how great the results of taking Hyperexol have been for my husband.

Last winter, he began having almost daily headaches and was very irritable. He finally consented to go to the doctor and learned that he needed to address his blood pressure. He was given chemicals for the blood pressure, but both he and I were apprehensive about the side effects possible when on them.

I expressed my concern to my daughter, who uses several of your products to help with the issues she deals with as the result of a double transplant (a kidney and a pancreas). She insisted that her dad try the Hyperexol first.

As the result of following her advice, within a couple of weeks his blood pressure had dropped to a normal range and the headaches were completely gone.

He takes his Hyperexol regularly, monitors his blood pressure weekly, and he never had to take the chemicals, even once. We are both very grateful for this natural solution you offer.

I would like to add that dealing with your company has been fantastic. The sales associates are very patient and courteous, and the service is well-handled and speedy. His Hyperexol is always here before we expect it to arrive. Thanks again so much!

- Lois M, (TX) 11/20/2008

"Two capsules instead of 12 makes life
a whole lot easier!"

I wanted to write to you to let you know how much I appreciate your products, especially Hyperexol. I have been taking it for about 2 years now. I was borderline at 190/40. I decided to try your products because I was taking so many different supplements to level out my system. I see an Herbalist as my family physician. I ordered Hyperexol and took it to my Herbalist to get her opinion. She agrees that it is a great product.

She also sells natural supplements, but was not able to match your product. Because it is such a great blend it cut my total daily supplement intake by 10 capsules. 2 instead of 12 makes life a whole lot easier. Hyperexol helped to bring my blood pressure down and my family physician told me to keep doing whatever I'm doing. So please continue providing us with your great products.

- Joan B, (WA) 12/10/2008