"I was totally bald and had a rash on my face."

Before Lupazol, I was totally bald on top of my head, I had a very bad rash on my face, and I couldn't walk or get off the couch without it being difficult - it was terrible.

I started taking 6 capsules of Lupazol a day back in July 07. I am now down to 2 a day and happy to report my hair has grown back. For awhile I wasn't able to afford to buy more Lupazol, and I did notice that my hair had started to get thinner. I was keeping a close eye on it in the shower and have noticed that since I started retaking it in May 08, that there is less in the drain.

Lupazol helped me so much, more than I can say. It has given me my hair back and took the rash away from my face. I feel normal now and am so grateful for Lupazol. It has given me my life back!

- Crystal N, (CA) 05/04/2008

"Our daughter has been using Lupazol
for eight months now . . . "

It was a glad day in our lives when we found the product online. Our daughter had been suffering from the symptoms and it was getting worse. We ordered the product soon after finding it online and started taking the product as directed immediately.

After about 4-6 weeks our daughter started to see results, and between 6-8 weeks she was feeling relief from the discomfort. She has been using the product for about 8 months now, much of her suffering is gone, and she can use the stairs again. We highly recommend it to all people suffering from this condition, and feel it could greatly improve their quality of life.

- Ted W, (TN) 12/15/2008