"I saw immediate relief when I first tried it . . . "

I've been taking Refluxamine for about two years. I saw immediate relief when I first tried it, and over time the frequency of my occasional heartburn has lessened. I hardly need the product at all anymore. After using Refluxamine I was symptom-free for almost four months and now just like to keep the product around for reassurance and security.

- Linda D, (NJ) 09/29/2008

"My husband has taken antacids
as long as I've known him . . . "

I never experienced heartburn until I was in my 50's. No matter what I tried eliminating from my diet, my heartburn was getting worse. My husband has always taken antacids as long as I have known him. After reading about Refluxamine, and talking with your very helpful representative, I decided to give it a try. He said that after a few months, we should be able to quit them altogether.

Well, my husband has more heartburn than I have ever had, so it took him about 5 months before he could quit taking them. Now, he only takes them periodically as occasional heartburn returns. I was able to quit taking them after about 45 days. What a relief! Thanks to Refluxamine. I think they taste good too. Beats eating those wicked antacids which taste like chalk!

- Lynn M, (TX) 10/10/2008