"Now I am able to move
without constantly moaning!"

I have been taking Rhumatol for approximately three months and have seen monumental results with my discomfort and flexibility. Last year at this time, I was unable to turn the wheel of my car without extreme hand and shoulder discomfort. Every time I would move, the discomfort in my joints never ceased.

However, now I am able to move without constantly moaning. My feet don't feel like someone punched and bruised them either. My stamina and energy levels have increased too. Until Rhumatol it was a struggle for me to even think about the future, but now I am anticipating a trip to the Greek Isles. Thank you MicroNutra for the quality of my life slowly returning.

- Lois C, (NJ) 01/08/2008

"I wondered if it was the Rhumatol
that really took it away . . . "

I have been having auto immune joint soreness since I was 18 years old, I dealt with it everyday, until my late 30's. That's when my flare ups came to the point where I could hardly function by the end of each day. So I sought medical help, it helped but I stilled had major flare ups.

One day I did web search, that's when Rhumatol first came known to me. After much thought I ordered four bottles. Within days the flare up became less often, and farther in between.

Towards the end I wondered if it was the Rhumatol that really took it away. I decided not reorder after I ran out, within two days the flares came back with vengeance. I couldn't wait for my order to come in, so I drove 60 miles to find some. I can attest that I would not be able to function without Rhumatol as a part of my daily routine.

- Ken S, (VA) 10/07/2008