"Orgasms that leave her breathless,
a re-awakening of her sexual appetite!"

My wife Deborah is post menopausal and although we have always had a great sexual connection (33 years married) I sensed a frustration in her as she appeared to have to force through her orgasm which previously had been free flowing. Also her ability to enjoy cuddles etc. seemed diminished. I was not really surprised at this as its difficult to be sexy if you don't feel it.

After some research it became apparent that she was suffering from her libido bottoming out due the hormone change of the menopause.

I came across your product via the Internet some time ago and it seemed sensible to me to order some in the hope she might give it a try, after all us guys have supplements coming at us from all angles.

After some encouragement she did try it and initially was not convinced, I asked her to keep with the supplement as the menopause was over 10 years in the making and even a small return to what she had lost was worth the effort.

Wow, what a difference now! Orgasms that leave her breathless almost to order, a re-awakening of her sexual appetite which we thought she had lost forever. It's me that needs the supplements now. I might add that I think her skin tone and hair have a more youthful appearance also.

We have tried other supplements that offer the same but to be honest they do not come close to yours.

We do hope that anyone who is experiencing our situation gives Sensuvive a try. It's our little bottle of magic which now I might add Deborah will not be without.

What a difference, thank you so much for returning this side of our marriage.

- Deborah M, (United Kingdom) 10/14/2008

"I am happy to report that I am enjoying a happy, healthy sex life again at the age of 58."

I reordered the Sensuvive because I was so relieved to have finally found something that was helping with one of the post-menopausal problems I was experiencing. I no longer desired sex, and as a result, I developed vaginal dryness and soreness. Sensuvive "turned on" my sex drive, and I am happy to report that I am enjoying a happy, healthy sex life again at the age of 58.

- Cynthia J, (CA) 09/24/2008