"Synaptol has been a MIRACLE for my daughter."

I have a seven year old daughter. School and homework have always been a nightmare! I think she definitely has problems staying focused and on task. I was afraid that if I took her to a doctor that they would automatically label her and give her chemicals. I read about the side effects and was scared to death. I was researching about alternative treatments and found Synaptol. It has been a MIRACLE treatment for my daughter. Her grades went from Ds and Fs to As and Bs. Her teacher is amazed with her turnaround and said she is a joy in class. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Jennifer J, (NV) 01/31/2008

"We were completely exhausted
trying to figure out what to do."

What a lifesaver Synaptol has been for our family! My mom, Bonnie introduced us to MicroNutra Health exactly two years ago and it has proven to be a success over and over! Our son Carter was seven at the time when we first gave him Synaptol.

Within two days we noticed a huge difference in Carter. Prior to trying Synaptol we were completely exhausted trying to figure out what to do. Carter was not happy at all. He was very moody, and his mood would change even if nothing happened around him to cause a change. He was sad often and would tell me he didn't want to be like this. When an adult would speak to him he would become nervous and mumble over his words. He always walked around with his head down. The after picture is amazing! He is doing so great!

In school we just received notification that on a standardized test he scored higher than 98% of all fourth grade students in the nation! He asked if he could start his own business and with our support he has went door to door and built his own client base. He actually went to the door, looked right at the homeowner and asked them for their business! The attached picture is him doing his trash business.

Finally this blurb is from an email I received yesterday from his teacher. She taught him in 2nd grade and now again in 4th grade. She has noticed a huge change in Carter!

Thank you for checking up on Carter. He seems to be doing great socially - he is confident and has a lot of friends. He has a great sense of humor too! He is also doing well academically.

Yeah Synaptol! Thank you 'Grammy' and MicroNutra!

- Halee K, (MI) 10/01/2008