"I ordered Uricinex and it has been amazing."

A couple of years ago I started to notice that my big toe would burn and that I would have sharp discomfort that seemed to travel throughout my body.

I went and had all kinds blood tests done and nothing showed up. It was very frustrating as the doctor didn't have any answers.

Since I have been fairly healthy and active all my life (I'm 62 years young) I decided to take matters into my own hands and went to the Internet and I found a website about Uricinex.

I ordered Uricinex and it has been amazing. As soon as I took it, 20 minutes later the discomfort (what I called pokies, since it felt like a needle was poking me) were GONE.

I had already altered my eating habits a lot but if you have this condition and you look it up on the Internet as to what you can eat, its almost nothing!

So by taking Uricinex I am able to eat normally, even foods that are high in purines. If I take the Uricinex before eating them, I am able to enjoy it. One of the foods that are high in purines is snap peas. The other day I had not taken the Uricinex before hand and wow, did I feel it... so I went and took the Uricinex and shortly thereafter the discomfort was gone.

I am so glad to have found this product as it really has made me enjoy life again. There may be conventional options available but I am interested in doing things naturally and in my case, the doctor and all the tests did not reveal what was wrong... So THANK YOU God for allowing me to discover such a wonderful product.

- Eugene H, (CA) 09/18/2008

"To my amazement, the swelling and discomfort
are gone!"

I had a real bad case for five days after eating stone crabs and mussels. My ankle swelled up so bad I could barely walk. Nothing I was taking was working this time at all. Then I remembered finding online and ordering Uricinex last year and decided to give it a try in desperation. I took two tablets before going to bed, two the next morning and repeated this process for three days. To my amazement the swelling and discomfort are gone and I'm walking normal. I can't tell you what a great relief and product this is! A real big thanks for developing such a wonderful product.

- James C, (NY) 09/29/2008