"I used to feel tired a lot..."

On February 5, 2009, I placed an order with you for Sensuvive. I also mentioned to you how well the Vita Female natural vitamins work for me and you wanted me to share with you how they work.

Well, I started on Vita Female last January 2008. I used to feel tired a lot and found out my hemoglobin was low. The doctors said they did not know how I was walking around. I ordered the vitamins and started taking two at a time. The first day I felt energized, I am not kidding. I found after a few months that two tablets was too much for me. So I take one tablet a day. I still feel energized.

My sister encountered the same problem I did and she needed vitamins as well. I ordered extra bottles of the vitamins. I was hesitant to give a her a bottle so I waited a while. I gave her a bottle and I knew she was not going to take them right away because she is suspect about everything. Anyway, she had an appointment to see her doctor so they could obtain some vitamins for her. So she brought the vitamins I gave her to her appointment. She told the doctor that her sister gave her a bottle of multivitamins. So they read the bottle and told her that these vitamins had everything she needs and she could take them. So far as I know she likes them and they give her the energy she needs.

The Sensuvive capsules I bought work really well. I thank you for suggesting Sensuvive instead of what I was going to choose which was Climaxol.

- Val P, (GA) 05/23/2009