"I tried it and got terrific results."

I have been through many doctors and many tests trying to figure out my health problems. I thought the bad breath and jock itch were unrelated symptoms until I saw your website. My guts seem to be the cause of all this. After reading up on Candida and your product Candidol, I tried it and got terrific results. I no longer have to live close to a toilet and I can even eat cheese, ice cream & pizza now without getting cramps and diarrhea. Thanks to Candidol!

- Patrick G, (OH) 10/20/2008

"I have no sugar cravings!"

I have been taking several different natural remedies for yeast for the last five or six years. Most of the products I tried made me crave large amounts of sugar and I always felt hungry. I also had occasional digestive problems. In February, I started taking Candidol. I have NO sugar cravings, I feel full and I'm no longer experiencing any issues with my digestive system! I really have an improved sense of well being.

- Rebecca A, (IL) 05/20/2008

"I tried every cream and spray . . ."

I used to have painful itching between my toes, it was unbearable. I tried every cream and spray . . . they didn't do anything! I purchased one bottle of Candidol and saw instant results. Candidol worked VERY well for me, as I'm now purchasing my second bottle!

- Eugene F, (PA) 08/13/2008

"I was embarassed, and didn't know what to do."

I had a cottage cheese looking discharge that nothing would clear up. I was embarrassed and did not know what to do at this point. I started to look up and read different articles on the Internet on yeast overgrowth/discharges and happened across a Candidol article.

I told myself what the heck, it’s all natural and comes with a money back guarantee, what do I have to lose except the shipping, and I spend that in a week on bottled water. I ordered it, used it, and would LOVE to say it worked and cleared up the yeasty discharge with no side effects, sooner and faster than expected. Thanks!

- Tanya B, (MI) 01/21/2008

"I was loaded with Candida from head to toe . . . "

My name is Scott. I have been a successful paper sales rep for twenty years. I have worked on straight commission the entire time, which can be stressful at times. I have a great wife and three beautiful children. My story is a painful one, but has a happy ending.

Twelve years ago, my health started to change. I was always sick, always tired, and had swelling of the sinuses. I had my first sinus surgery in 1997. It helped, but I was told that most people have it done multiple times. Six months later, I was back on chemicals again. The ensuing years were worse and worse, with dozens of chemicals.

I had my second sinus surgery in 2004. At that time, I was getting desperate because of work-related stress. In 2005, I was in a car accident and brain fog and exhaustion resulted. My health and marriage suffered. I struggled with terrible anger and mood swings. The ironic thing is that my wife is in the medical profession.

I looked on the web and found Candidol. I read it and was amazed! All those chemicals I was taking just made me sicker! I was loaded with Candida from head to toe. I have taken Candidol for a week, and I’m seeing results like never before. I realized today that any product that can save your life is the easiest product to sell in the world. Trust me, Candidol saved my life! I signed up to be a distributor today. This year for Christmas, my health is the present. Thank you!

- Scott L, (MA) 12/07/2007