"I lowered my blood sugar 40 points the first month of taking Diamaxol."

I lowered my blood sugar 40 points during the first month of taking Diamaxol. I have been taking Diamaxol for one year now.

I don't get fatigued as much and my body doesn't retain water in my ankles like it did before I started taking Diamaxol. I learned about Diamaxol via the Internet when I wanted to find an alternative to control my blood sugar. I would recommend it to my friends!

- Susan H, (FL) 09/17/2008

"I feel fantastic."

Two years ago I had a random blood test for my blood sugar. It came back extremely high. After the initial panic attack went away, I started to do some research through different Internet sources on blood sugar.

I found other people's testimonials on how Diamaxol was an all-natural diet supplement that helped with blood sugar. I ordered two bottles right away. Within the first ten days of using Diamaxol my blood sugar readings were within the normal range. I have taken it ever since and have been completely satisfied.

To this date I have not had any other signs of blood sugar issues. It helped me take off the extra pounds I needed to lose. After changing my eating habits and with the daily supplement of Diamaxol with each meal I feel fantastic.

- Jamie C, (ID) 09/18/2008

"Diamaxol works great!"

I've been taking Diamaxol for four years and have not had to use anything else. Within three to four weeks of taking the Diamaxol, not only did my blood sugar stabilize, but my cholesterol normalized as well. I have recommended this to everyone I know that is facing this problem. I have actually had doctors tell me that my blood work came back better than most people who don't have this condition. Diamaxol works great! Thank you MicroNutra!

- Jason K, (GA) 09/29/2008

"Just being able to relax . . . "

I found Diamaxol on the Internet. I read quite a bit about Diamaxol over and over and finally decided on this product above a few others. I am sure glad I did. I ordered four bottles the first time and followed the recommended dosage for the first month. Wow, I went from 12 to 14 mmol/L down to 6 to 7 mmol/L.

(Approximately 218.18 mg/dl to 254.54 mg/dl down to 109.09 mg/dl to 128.4 mg/dl)

Diamaxol did take about 30 days to kick in and when it did, it sure did its job. After the first 30 days I went to twice a day, morning and evening and maintained the levels between 5 to 7, sometimes 8 mmol/L consistently.

My quality of life is better as I do not worry, therefore I can enjoy all of the foods and even cold beer (on hot days) that I stayed away from prior to taking Diamaxol. I still exercise on the treadmill during crappy weather and go for walks weather permitting. I have lost weight as well during this period of taking Diamaxol which helps but I do not have a weight issue.

So, not worrying anymore was the biggest key to enjoying all kinds of things that I do now, just being able to relax, and taking Diamaxol did allow me to do this. I have recommended this product to several people I know. During the time I took Diamaxol I began to eat just whatever I wanted in moderation but could not do that years prior with my glucose readings going off the charts. I can eat and drink in moderation anything that people who do not have this condition can only by taking Diamaxol.

- Len D, (Canada) 09/28/2008

"Diamaxol keeps the body and the mind in harmony."

My name is Dr. Jerry Cassell. Diamaxol works great, I am very impressed with it. It is natural for the body and it protects the body and the mind to keep them in harmony.

If I do not take Diamaxol before eating I feel sluggish and sleepy. I find that if I take it 20 to 30 minutes before I eat it keeps my energy up. I wouldn't be without Diamaxol. I highly recommend this to my clients and tell them this can help give them life changing improved energy.

- Dr. Jerry Cassell, (FL) 11/17/2008