"I feel like a normal person again . . ."

I want to thank you for this wonderful product, Digestrol, which I have been taking for about 7 months now. After taking Digestrol three times a day (after each meal) for two months, things got a little better. The bloating persisted but was less severe, so my husband encouraged me to continue taking it. I have to say that I am now at one capsule a day and have NOT had any bloating since December 2007. So thank you, thank you! I feel like a normal person again after 25 years of being miserable. I will continue to take one capsule a day.

- Jenny R, (Australia) 09/17/2008

"I used to have to make sure I was within
short distance of a restroom."

I have been taking Digestrol for about 1 year. I used to have to make sure that I was within a short distance of a restroom. I suffered with loose bowels prior to taking your product. I can now eat a meal and be confident that I will be able to make it to a restroom. I would recommend this product to anyone who is experiencing the same issue.

- Richard C, (FL) 08/15/2008

"I took Digestrol and felt the difference
within two days."

Hi, my name is Jessica from Australia, and I began experiencing bowel difficulties in August 2006. Ten months later I was still suffering, so I looked it up on the Internet and somehow came across Digestrol.

I ordered it straight away and it arrived in ten days. I took the Digestrol straight away and felt the difference within two days. In three weeks the bowel difficulties were gone, and I also lost eight kilos. I am on my second purchase, this product is fantastic, and I would recommend this product to anyone with this issue, providing they eat healthy foods and exercise.

- Jessica M, (Australia) 09/17/2008

"I actually started feeling better within an hour."

I wanted to express my appreciation for the change in my life that Digestrol has caused. I am 58 and have suffered from stomach discomfort for 40 years. Last year I had surgery and the recovery process had taken its toll on my stress levels. By the end of 2006 my digestive system was a wreck. I found the ad for Digestrol and ordered my first bottle. I actually started feeling better within an hour of taking the first capsule. I simply cannot believe the difference Digestrol has made in my quality of life. Once again, thank you.

- Ron W, (WV) 03/26/2007

"I did all that, and it never got any better!"

I’ve had digestive issues for most of my life. I’ve seen many gastroenterologists for this miserable condition and I’ve received no relief. I’ve basically been told to watch my diet, avoid caffeine, dairy, most green vegetables, and tomatoes. I did all that, and the condition never got any better. It got to the point that I could barely leave the house as I never knew when I would have an attack of diarrhea.

Then I went online and did some research about this condition. That’s when I found your product, Digestrol. I received my bottles two weeks ago and I feel my life has changed. I haven’t had one episode of diarrhea since I began taking Digestrol. For the first time in years I actually have normal bowel movements, no cramps, no abdominal distention, and best of all, no fear to leave the house. I’d recommend Digestrol to anyone who suffers from digestion problems. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Thank you so much for this product. You’ve changed my life.

- Irene M, (NY) 02/10/2008