"I was adamant about not taking anything unsafe."

I started to have menopause symptoms at 45. To me, no other woman had hot flushes like mine! They were 24/7, every two to three minutes a day. I couldn't get a night's sleep. Many nights I had to go out into our garden as the hot flushes were unreal. I flushed from head to toe.

I was adamant about not taking anything unsafe. I tried changing my diet introducing soy products and avoiding sweet things but no joy. I tried lots of different alternative products with no joy.

It was one night when I was up with the hot flushes I logged on to the computer in search of help and found Menopol. I gave it a go and YES it works. I got a new life, back to normal. I sing off the roof tops about Menopol. Thanks Menopol!

- Heather B, (United Kingdom) 10/22/2008

"I'm always leery about trying things online . . . "

I am 61 years old and have been in menopause for 27 years and have suffered from night sweats and irritability. I have tried all kinds of natural supplements and have removed myself from chemicals. I'm always leery about trying things online, but the customer testimonials showed me that other women had the same experiences I was having.

I placed my first order of Menopol. I got relief within two weeks. I feel like I have a whole new life to live now. My sleep is a little bit better, too. I started off with one bottle and then I immediately placed a new order for five bottles to keep going. I always have them on hand.

- Marie H, (RI) 11/26/2007

"I had to increase how much I am taking . . . "

I have been taking Menopol for about five months. When I first started taking it, I was truly amazed at how it took all my hot flashes away, I started to sleep through the night again and was way more calm. Just recently I have had to increase how much I have been taking as I started to get hot flashes again and have been waking up in the night. I am still taking Menopol even though I had to increase how much I take as it still works and a hot flash once or twice a day is better than all day long, as that was what it was like for me. I sure am glad I found out about Menopol.

- Yvonne C, (Canada) 09/25/2008

"I believe that I will make it now."

Taking this product has helped me tremendously. Hot flashes are much better. Before, I was unable to sleep because of hip discomfort, hot flashes, and twitching in my legs. I hate to take synthetic chemicals, so when I read about this, I decided to try it.

I am so glad that I did. I sleep better, feel less discomfort in my legs and hips, and hot flashes are so much better. I believe that I will make it through this stage of my life now. Thanks again for making this product.

- Rachelle R, (OH) 10/02/2008

"My life has changed!"

I started taking Menopol and I have NO hot flashes anymore! My life has changed! Thank you!

- Rehna Y, (LA) 02/15/2008