"I always keep a bottle of Prolipamy with me
whenever I go out to dinner."

Six months ago I ordered Prolipamy because I've been looking for years for a digestive enzyme to help me digest certain foods, particularly spicy dishes and red meat products.

Now I am able to occasionally eat such foods without the digestive distress I used to experience such as bloating and gas. I always keep a bottle of Prolipamy with me whenever I go out to dinner. It's the best digestive enzyme formula I've ever used.

- Richard, (MA) 10/25/2008

"For years, I couldn't digest fats and oils . . . "

For years I've suffered from an inability to digest fats and oils, with the result that I was sometimes bloated, gassy, and alternated between diarrhea and constipation. After taking Prolipamy, my condition greatly improved. I would readily recommend Prolipamy to anyone with a weak digestive system. Thank you for a product that works.

- James P, (NY) 09/16/2008

"My husband hasn’t felt this good in years!"

My husband is taking these capsules and they have helped him tremendously. He hasn’t felt this good in years!

- Louise, (MA) 07/16/2006

"Our naturopath doctor suggested
we use Prolipamy."

My husband and I use Prolipamy every day. We are in our 60s, and our naturopath doctor suggested that we use Prolipamy. We have used Prolipamy for about four years. During these years we have not been bothered with indigestion or any stomach problems. Before we started using Prolipamy, just about everything we ate, we would be bothered with it. I would recommend Prolipamy for anyone that has a problem with digestion.

- Martha R., (AL) 11/20/2008

"Prolipamy has allowed me to enjoy eating again."

Before discovering Prolipamy, I was unable to digest many foods. Now I can enjoy dining out without being afraid that I will either become very gassy or suffer from diarrhea. This is a great supplement to a well-balanced diet and has allowed me to enjoy eating again.

- Kathy, (AK) 10/14/2008