"I was skeptical about the product working . . . "

I’ve had respiratory problems for 15 years now and it’s been getting worse each year. I found Respitrol on the Internet a month ago. It took two weeks to ship over from the US and I’ve been taking the capsules for about 8 days now.

I’ve started sleeping properly, not waking up every few hours coughing, and my chesty cough has near enough dried up. I’ve got a great feeling of well being and lots of energy. I was skeptical about the product working but I really do feel a lot better. Thank you for this amazing product.

- Glyn, (England) 01/22/2007

"I am back to feeling like myself."

I have been taking Respitrol for over two years now. Yes, I'm a repeat customer who loves this product! For about two years I was taking conventional chemicals and I was extremely nervous about the side effects with them.

After I began taking Respitrol I could tell the difference in my breathing and in the way my lungs seemed more at ease within a couple of weeks. After a few more weeks I no longer even needed Respitrol as my wheezing had stopped!

On the occasion when I feel tightness in my chest now (which is much less often than it used to be), I take Respitrol for a few days and I am back to feeling like myself. Thank you for such a great product. I am extremely satisfied!

- Louise N, (CA) 09/23/2008

"The coughing hasn't been an issue
since I took the first capsule."

OMIGOSH! I took ONE Respitrol in the morning and didn’t cough until 4:00pm. I took a second one at 4:00pm and didn’t cough the rest of the day. This product is fabulous!

I have coughed with a shallow cough and sticky drainage for years. I’ve only taken Respitrol for one week, but I am here to tell everyone that the coughing is just not an issue and it hasn’t been an issue since I took the first capsule. Now that’s fast. I’m a singer so that shallow coughing, which would kick in without any warning at all, was something I had to handle. It has taken years for me to find the answer. Thank you soooooo much, MicroNutra Health, for creating this fabulous product. I am so impressed with Respitrol that I want to try your other products!

- Lin, (CA) 03/13/2006

"I was always harbored by breathing difficulties."

I took Respitrol and it really worked. I was always harbored by my breathing difficulties and I couldn’t do anything. I can assure you that Respitrol really works. I wanted to be in the National Guard and couldn’t because of my breathing difficulties, but now I can join without having any symptoms! Thank you so much!!

- Jessica H, (OH) 01/15/2007

"I started using Respitrol around one year ago . . . "

I started using Respitrol around one year ago. I have a breathing aid and was having to use it quite regularly, so I thought I would give your product a shot. I have not had to use the aid more than a few times since. Respitrol has worked wonderfully for me.

- Lara, (WA) 11/13/2008