"I also highly recommend Uricinex . . . "

I use Glucofast to assist with my blood sugar control and highly recommend it to my patients for weight loss. I also highly recommend Uricinex for those suffering from joint discomfort as it is very good in keeping the uric acid from forming and crystallizing. Thank you.

- Dr. Eugene Quan, (Canada) 09/22/2008

"I've spent a fortune on products for relief . . . "

I placed a reorder for Uricinex through a very professional and friendly sales rep, Diana. I told her while we were ordering that this product has helped me like no other. I have spent a fortune on products for relief and nothing works like Uricinex for me.

I don't want to take chemicals after reading the side effects and long term health issues. I got this condition from going on the Atkins diet (or that's the only thing my doctor could attribute it to). Without Uricinex I probably would have lost my business from not being able to function (I'm a professional photographer).

Thanks for keeping my lifestyle going!

- John R, (HI) 10/10/2008

"I am 86 years old, and my legs and feet work like I was 40."

I just want to let you know how well your Uricinex has worked for me.

About two years ago I had an attack about twice a week and had to treat it for about two days each time. Then I heard about Uricinex and tried it. I have not had an attack since I started taking Uricinex (over two years). In addition, I have not had knee pain like I had before taking Uricinex. I am 86 years old and my legs and feet work like I was 40. Thanks to Uricinex.

Jack Bedell
Spirit Lake, Iowa

- Jack B, (IA) 03/09/2010