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You Can Regain Your Energy - Naturally!

Activive™ Can Give You:

  • Complete Essential Glyco-8 Nutrition
  • Increased Energy for Your Active Lifestyle
  • Relief from Minor Aches, Discomfort, and Soreness
  • Freedom from Episodic Fatigue & Exhaustion
  • All Natural Ingredients and No Side Effects*

Hi, my name is Pauline, and I'm the customer service manager at MicroNutra Health™. I would like to congratulate you for taking the first step to reaching for a real solution for your health.

Nothing is more important than making the right decision when it comes down to YOUR health and quality of life. Let's clarify why Activive™ is the correct choice for you.

The Answer is Activive™

Activive™ can help you enjoy your life.

Activive™ is a nutritional matrix formulated to supplement what you don't find in your everyday diet. As part of a healthy lifestyle, the natural nutrition in Activive™ helps promote better well-being and increase your energy . . . without negative side effects.*

Activive™, in its final encapsulated form, contains a new and improved proprietary non-isolated blend of ingredients in their natural, unrefined form -- the way nature intended your body to consume them.

The blend incorporates eight conditionally essential monosaccharides, sometimes called the eight miracle sugars, and other healthful ingredients, contained in all-natural form, which are designed for maximum results. Unrefined all-natural ingredients are far superior to the overly refined, purified, and processed substances found in other manufactured products.

With Activive™ you can enjoy:

  • Relief from minor aches, discomfort, and soreness
  • Freedom from occasional fatigue, exhaustion, and tiredness
  • Increased energy levels
  • Conditionally essential glyco-8 nutrition
  • Better overall health

Imagine yourself free of the complex symptoms you are now experiencing. Imagine waking up in the morning feeling completely rested, and being free of discomfort and fear once and for all. Imagine the possibilities!

Call 1-800-875-0850 now to try Activive™ risk-free!

My Secret to Success

One of the most fulfilling aspects of working for MicroNutra Health™ comes from the truly life-changing results real customers are seeing every day. I love knowing that people like you and me are able to live the life we want once again simply by using natural and safe methods. Today Rehna and Alicia share with us the difference Activive™ has made in their lives.

Satisfied Customer: Rehna "Every Day I Can't Believe the Way I Feel!" "I decided to see if there was anything for my discomfort. I had suffered for years. I started taking Activive and after one week I noticed the discomfort easing and my energy level increasing. After two weeks and since then, I am so energetic and rarely feel discomfort. It's surreal! Every day I can't believe the way I feel! I've regained my quality of life. Anyone who went through what I did knows the suffering and it's hard to put into words. I also started the Menopol and have NO hot flashes anymore! My life has changed!!"

Satisfied Customer: Alicia "After Taking Activive I Am Practically
Discomfort-Free for the First Time . . ."
"I can't tell you how great it feels to be free from the discomfort at last. I suffered in my arms, body and legs and I couldn't tolerate the covers touching me at night. I couldn't get comfortable to sleep because the pressure in my body was so bad. After taking Activive for a little over a month I began getting relief from the discomfort and now I am practically discomfort-free for the first time in so very long. Thank you so much for your product and the free lifestyle I now enjoy. I wasn't sure I could ever feel this way again."

You Are Not Alone!

Let Activive™ enhance your healthy lifestyle.

Today, more and more Americans experience muscle discomfort and occasional fatigue due to these four factors:nutritional deficiencies, loss of deep sleep patterns, hormone imbalances, and opportunistic infections.

The good news is there is now a guaranteed* safe and effective nutritional solution to help you regain your energy and active lifestyle
. . . for good.

Natural Energy vs. Artificial Energy

We tend to search for the quick answer to boost energy levels, but did you know many of your efforts can actually sabotage your energy? In fact, fad diets sap your energy. Energy or caffeinated drinks won't provide you with the long-term, healthy energy you need, and have their own agenda in the body. Alcohol makes you sleepy, not energized. Learn More »

Enjoy Your Life and Increased Energy - Naturally!

Live the Activive™ difference!

Activive™ can help you enjoy good health for years to come. Imagine the possibilities! Activive™ can help you improve:

  • Your Comfort . . . you may not have to be restricted by episodic discomfort in daily activities with Activive™. Carole is now able to work a full day, and Wilfred enjoys fixing his car and working around the house again.
  • Your Energy . . . Activive™ helps you feel revitalized so you can enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle. Rehna felt more energetic after two weeks and Kathy got better fatigue relief with Activive™ than anything else she used.
  • Your Overall Health . . . the all-natural ingredients in Activive™ are safe for your general health too. Our customers consistently report how glad they are to have a solution that not only works, but has zero negative side effects!

All-Natural Formula for Guaranteed Success or Your Money Back!

The proprietary blend of conditionally essential monosaccharides in Activive™ is the key to your success. The ingredients in Activive™ have been scientifically recognized for their amazing health benefits.

We have carefully chosen the ingredients in Activive™ for their natural effectiveness and purity to bring you guaranteed success - or your money back!

The following eight non-isolated and unrefined ingredients are the actual raw materials which contain the eight conditionally essential monosaccharidesSpecific Carbohydrates Monosaccharides = Biologically Active Sugars = Glyco-8 Nutrients which are used to produce our superior final encapsulated proprietary blend.

Glucosamine sulfate acts as an immune modulator. Ghatti gum (bark of anogeissus latifolia) contains antioxidant, gastroprotective, and antibacterial properties.
Guar gum (cluster bean) supports healthy probiotic in the gut, reduces discomfort, supports healthy bowel function, gastric emptying, and supports healthy cholesterol. Arabinogalactan (wood of larch tree) promotes beneficial microflora, supports a healthy environment in which toxicities cannot thrive, and acts as an immunostimulant.
Beta (1,3/1,6) glucans (cell wall of baker's yeast) provide antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic properties. Beta glucans act as an immunostimulant and biological response modifier (BRM), and promotes recovery. Aloe vera (leaf gel) boasts of antifungal and antioxidant activities and contains immunostimulatory effects. It is an all-natural discomfort reliever.
Acetylated mannans (fresh aloe leaf gel extract) support healthy immune systems. Gum tragacanth (extracted from gum resin) promotes healthy glucose and insulin.

Glyco-8 nutrients have been suggested in studies to support healthy immune function, correct immune cell activity, balance energy levels, and relieve occasional muscle aches and discomfort.

View the Supplement Facts Sheet Here »

What Our Customers Are Saying . . .

Satisfied Customer: Wilfred "They Said I Looked Better, Seemed Happier,
and That I Had Lost Weight!"
I have been using Activive for nine months now and the results have been truly positive. I had muscle and joint difficulties, both leaving me with discomfort and very low energy levels.

Before taking Activive I spent a lot of time in bed and very sad because I had no energy to do anything that I enjoyed due to the discomfort.

Now that I have been taking Activive, in two to three weeks I already noticed changes happening. I started taking three capsules then reduced it down to two capsules daily. My energy level grew and my discomfort decreased.

Now after nine months I am working with my hands again fixing, working on my vehicle, doing maintenance on my house, painting, building, etc and I can go for walks again.

Also I noticed I was slowly building muscle tissue again, taking Activive over a period of nine months helped me get stronger allowing me to do things I could not do before.

Also I noticed I did not have to eat has much has I did before taking Activive. It seemed the food I ate seemed to stay with me longer. My neighbours even noticed the change in me and asked what I was doing different. They said I looked better, seemed happier, and that I had lost weight.

Overall I feel much better now, I still experience some degree of discomfort every day but Activive helps me to cope better with my condition. Activive truly works, I would recommend this to anyone who has muscle and fatigue issues.

Activive has given me back a better life than I had before, and for that I am truly grateful to the men and women involved in creating this natural product. Thank you.

Satisfied Customer: Carole "I Would Recommend Activive to Anyone . . ." I live in a small village called Gotham which is in Nottingham England. I am emailing to say how much better I feel since using Activive. I have been taking Activive for one year now, and I can now do a full day's work, which I could not do before. My memory is a little better and the discomfort is not as bad. I would recommend Activive to anyone who has this muscle discomfort, it really is extremely good.

Satisfied Customer: Kathy "Thanks Activive, For Giving Me My Life Back!" I have muscle and joint discomfort and I hurt all the time. I saw the website for Activive through the Internet trying to find something that would not only help with my discomfort but increase my energy and help with exhaustion and fatigue.

That's when I started taking Activive. It's made me feel better than any of my synthetic chemicals. I was determined that this condition was not gonna get me down. Thanks Activive for giving me my life back.

Did You Know?

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 74.6% of Americans are turning to Complementary and Alternative Medicine to achieve vibrant health.

If you are one of these people . . . you have come to the right place!

All you have left is the rest of your life, and it's time to make the most of it. With Activive™ you can get on with your life . . . and leave behind the despair and frustration of lost opportunities because of a simple and correctable imbalance!

When it Comes to Your Health

We all know health care in the U.S. is excellent . . . and expensive. Health care spending in 2007 skyrocketed to $2.3 trillion (that's $2,300,000,000,000.00!), or $7600 per person.1

So what if you, like 47 million Americans, can't afford it? Or, like a growing number of Americans, you are taking your health into your own hands?

Most health care dollars spent today deal with the devastating health effects of preventable lifestyle factors, like:

  • Eating the Standard American Diet of processed, boxed, chemical-laden, refined, fast, and junk foods
  • Severe nutrient deficiencies as a result of this diet
  • Little physical activity
  • Toxins surrounding us in our carpet, cosmetic products, cleaning products, food and drink products, water, air, and more
  • Frequently high stress levels

Does this sound like your life? Then you need to know that you can actually save yourself thousands of dollars and enjoy vibrant health and energy for years to come . . . starting now.

We at MicroNutra Health™ believe health care should encompass the whole person, addressing the root cause instead of just the symptoms. MicroNutra Health™ products are the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle, providing your body with the tools it needs to help you enjoy youthful energy and finally experience the true meaning of health care.

It's Time to Invest in Your Healthy Future . . .

A serving of Activive™ costs less than a cup of coffee at the single bottle price. Most of our customers opt to save even more money by taking advantage of our multi-bottle price break, which allows a significant savings of up to 33%.

Either way it's all guaranteed!*

What else can you do that will so greatly affect the quality of your life?

Our Promise to You

I can promise you that Activive™ . . .

  • Relieves episodic minor aches, discomfort, and soreness
  • Helps alleviate occasional fatigue, exhaustion, and tiredness
  • Increases energy levels
  • Provides complete glyco-8 nutrition not found in the Standard American Diet
  • Supports better overall health
  • Contains all-natural ingredients
  • Has zero negative side effects*

I know that Activive™ works. I see it every day in customer reorders and testimonials. I am so confident that Activive™ will work for you too that we offer one of the best guarantees in the industry.

*We guarantee you'll be absolutely thrilled
or your money back . . .

A 90-Day Promise.
(Literally right up to the last minute of the 90th day, period! Please see our return policy.)

cGMP Manufacturing and Packaging Facilities

I've shown you how Activive™ works, given you positive testimonials from satisfied Activive™ customers, and broken down our natural ingredients to help you better understand how they can work for you. I'm even protecting you with our 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee! The only thing left is to present the company that stands behind Activive™. With so many health products on the market, who can you trust?

The FDA and the National Council Against Health Fraud recommend you check for these practices before you buy:

  • Is the product manufactured under cGMP guidelines?
  • Is the product advertised using the health claims allowed by the FDA?
  • Is the product manufactured in a FDA-registered food supplement facility?

MicroNutra Health™ products are manufactured and packaged under the strict guidelines of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration current Good Manufacturing Practices, or cGMP. Our food supplement facilities are FDA-registered and our product claims conform to rigorous FDA standards.

These guidelines ensure that every product sold by MicroNutra Health™ is of the highest quality and purest form. We won't trust your health to anything less, and neither should you!

Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage you to call us at 1-800-875-0850 if you have any questions about Activive™ that we haven't addressed below.

Q: How safe is Activive™?

A: Because Activive™ is made with all-natural ingredients and no harmful fillers, steroids, or chemicals, it is safe to take on a regular basis. As always, consult your health practitioner if you have a concern.

Q: Why should I try Activive™?

A: You should try Activive™ if you would like natural relief from occasional fatigue, exhaustion, and tiredness.

Q: How often do I take Activive™?

A: Take as directed on the label. Many individuals may opt to increase their intake depending on their weight. Consult your health practitioner if you have any concerns.

Dear Valued Customer, MicroNutra Health™ has been merged both assets and operation with IonX Holdings™ Inc. Your selected product formula has not changed and will continue to work for you now as it has in the past. We have updated the protocols and website information. All marketing materials, including labels and brochures have changed and will continue to change to meet The Food & Drug Administration guidelines. Please call 1-800-875-0850 if you have any questions.

MicroNutra Health™ is not a medical site and is not intended to offer medical advice. MicroNutra Health™ urges you to consult your health care provider for proper diagnosis. You should consult your health care provider prior to taking any dietary supplement. Activive™ should be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle. The content of these images are not meant to suggest that the people depicted use or endorse our products or services. All testimonials are from real customers. Testimonials may be edited for length and to meet FDA compliance guidelines. Names may be changed to protect the privacy of our customers. Activive™ is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS), Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS), or Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME) or symptoms including chronic fatigue, headaches, malaise, inflammation, and depression. Activive™ should not be confused with prescription drugs including Paxil, Effexor, or Prozac or the prescription antidepressant drugs Zoloft or Cymbalta. FedEx® service marks are used by permission. All materials contained on this site are protected by United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published, or broadcast without the prior written permission of IonX Holdings™ Inc., or in the case of third party materials, the owner of that content. You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other notice from copies of the content.