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MicroNutra Health™ - Cholestasys™ - Literally Drop at Least 30 Points Within 30 Days or it's FREE Unconditionally Guaranteed!

Finally, The Cholesterol Solution YOU Wanted To Know About:

Drop Your Cholesterol 30 Points In 30 Days or it's FREE

Discover how you can lower your BAD CHOLESTEROL safely and naturally…without expensive prescriptions and their harmful side effects.

Welcome to MicroNutra Health™,

Hello, my name is Oscar Deerfield, I am one of the Health Advisors here at MicroNutra Health™. I would like to congratulate you for taking the first step toward a real solution to your fear and suffering.

I realize how important it is that you find a natural, effective and safe answer to your cholesterol imbalance. Today I'm going to help you understand why Cholestasys™ is the answer you were looking for . . .

Nothing is more important than making the right decision when it comes down to YOUR health and quality of life. Let's clarify why Cholestasys™ is the correct choice for you too.

Excessive cholesterol is the result of a simple metabolic imbalance in your body. It is a sign that your liver is not cleaning out the old, or bad, cholesterol as well as it could.

You don't have to find out the hard way, but most drugs weaken your liver and kidneys even more. In fact, one of the causes of heart trouble and liver damage is because of drug side effects. That's why Cholestasys™ is so darn exciting; it helps you by NOT hurting you!

Cholestasys™ is a potent blood fortifier that helps renew both your blood and your liver at the cellular level. That's the key to how Cholestasys™ works so well and so quickly. Your body wants to get the old, bad, cholesterol out, but it needs YOU to work WITH your body naturally!

Real solutions are simple solutions.

You will be completely amazed at how fast your body can re-establish its original harmony and balance. Your body wants to get better and it has the ability to do this quickly with Cholestasys™

Cholesterol is a natural and important nutrient that all your cells rely upon for good health and proper functioning. A high amount of cholesterol is a symptom of an imbalance of your cellular metabolism.

High cholesterol is NOT a drug deficiency. If you are taking drugs, speak with your doctor about getting off them gradually.

What You Can Conceive You can Achieve!

The goal of Cholestasys™ is to fix the problem, not just to trick your body. If your goal is to be healthy and well, Cholestasys™ is the way to go.

Good health is a choice that you must make for yourself. It is your responsibility. No one cares about your health more than you.

Due to recent advances in nutraceutical medicine, the choice of good health is easier to make than ever before. Now there are better, safer alternatives to prescription drugs.Follow me here and I will share with you some important facts that can change your personal health for the better for the rest of your life!!!

Whether you just found out, or you already knew that your bad cholesterol levels are high, you are concerned and you have good reason to be. Studies show high cholesterol along with other factors reflects an increase in your risk of getting heart disease, the leading cause of death in America!

Whenever the bad (LDL) cholesterol levels gradually climb higher, it is no laughing matter. Ignored, it can contribute to severe health problems including stroke, kidney damage, diabetes mellitus, and even death.

On average, people with uncontrolled 'bad' cholesterol are:

  • At least twice as likely to get diabetes
  • 3 times more likely to have a heart attack
  • 6 times more likely to develop congestive heart failure
  • 7 times more likely to have a stroke

Your first reaction maybe to visit your family doctor, in which case you could just be given one of many prescriptive drugs to take for the rest of your life.

Sadly, most of these drugs have the potential for many negative side-effects including fatigue, dizziness, depression, impotence, liver damage and more.

But do know this, you are not alone…over 50 million Americans have the symptom of high cholesterol; globally the statistics are even more staggering!

Bottom line, the world has been waiting for a real alternative solution that truly works. Cholestasys™ really works PLUS it is literally GOOD for you at the same time.

Did you know...according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) over 74% of Americans are making the choice of good health through natural medicines, instead of pharmaceutical drugs? If you are one of these people…you've come to the right place.

Health is having control over your body, Cholestasys™ can give you that control back, and it is as safe as a healthy meal made from scratch. Cholestasys™ is a functional-food that is formulated right at the molecular level, to feed you at the cellular level-Let your food be your medicine!

Now, imagine your life without the stress and worry of how to stay healthy!

  • Imagine yourself free of worrying about the risks of coronary heart disease, stroke or diabetes because of too much bad cholesterol.
  • Imagine knowing you don't have to have to deal with all the negative side effects of any pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Imagine feeling unafraid to have a wholesome breakfast, or feeling guilty because you enjoyed a simple meal out with your family.
  • Picture yourself confident about health issues, without being confused by all the media hype and disillusion.

All we have left is the rest of our life. Cholestasys™will help you get on with it and leave behind the despair and the frustration of having lost so many opportunities because of a simple body imbalance!

If you have already made that decision to get the bad out and get on with the good, then you now know everything you need to make that miracle happen with Cholestasys™.

Cholestasys™ re-establishes the natural balance, and reinforces your body's vitality and true health by working with your body.

Millions of Americans just like you are confused about Cholesterol issues and suffer needlessly. . . But now minus you! Break away from those numbers and join the Cholestasys™ family!

  • Are you confused about how much is good and how much is bad cholesterol?
  • Are you frustrated by strict diets and worried about what you can eat and what you can't?
  • Do you feel sick and afraid because your medication makes you feel worse than before you take it?
  • Are you afraid because of what you've heard about statin drugs affecting your mental stability and short term memory?
  • Are you tired of being treated like natural aging is a disease?

If you answered yes to any of these questions Cholestasys™ will help you!

Cholestasys™ has been clinically proven to be 99% effective in lowering bad cholesterol. We unconditionally guarantee amazing results within the first month of use, and after simply continuing to taking Cholestasys™ for only a few months, all your cholesterol levels will be normalized, safely and naturally! You will not have to worry about bad cholesterol levels again!

The all-natural ingredients in Cholestasys™ have been shown to dramatically lower (LDL) bad cholesterol levels and reduce blood homocysteine levels.

Cholestasys™ is a well-documented way of reducing your risk of coronary heart disease, which in turn is a key factor in helping to prevent the likelihood of other critical health issues caused by metabolic imbalance as well!

Cholestasys™ consists of potent food-like nutrients that are essential in making it both safe and effective. It contains no chemically generated compounds, fillers, or artificial additives, and unlike pharmaceutical drugs, does not require a prescription and has ZERO side effects.

Cholestasys™ is another remarkable product from MicroNutra™ Health's scientific research team who continue to provide quality healthcare solutions in the world, for over 30 years now!

Rest assured, we have scientific proof that Cholestasys™ really does work.

CHOLESTASYS™ Scores High in Clinical Trials!

We took the time to scientifically query past users of Cholestasys™ about their results, and this is what we found to be true:

99.6% of all people who used Cholestasys™ as directed reported a positive result

95.7% said that their cholesterol level is completely normal!

We even took it one step further and had an independent lab do a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study on 100 patients. They found Cholestasys™ had significantly reduced LDL (Bad) cholesterol levels with patients having ZERO negative side effects observed throughout the study. Graph 1 shows the statistical results.

You can clearly understand these impressive results once you've learned how Cholestasys™ addresses the root cause of your cholesterol concerns. Read on to learn more.

There is no question, Cholestasys™ works exactly the way you want it to, and that's why it's GUARANTEED!

  • A naturally superior way to help without doing harm.
  • Ancient traditional medicine is time tested for thousands of years and is well known to be safe and effective.
  • Proprietary blending has been successful with thousands of patients over the years before ever reaching the open market.
  • A natural solution that fortifies your blood and liver cells while helping to re-balance your cholesterol metabolism.
  • Uniquely designed with ortho-molecular science to improve cellular health.
  • Cholestasys™ keeps helping your miraculous body to regenerate and grow better and stronger each day, naturally!

Out with the old, in with the new, it is that simple!

All I am saying is that Cholestasys™ is now helping thousands more overcome their cholesterol imbalance every day. It doesn't matter now how long it took you to find the answer, you are here now and Cholestasys™ is what you've been waiting for!

Good and great things come to those who help themselves.

How Cholestasys™ Works

"Ortho means 'right'- the right molecules in the right amounts. Orthomolecular medicine leads to the best health and the greatest decrease in disease. It is the most effective prevention in the treatment of disease."
Dr. Linus Pauling
Two times Nobel Prize winner, founder of Orthomolecular Medicine.
Elevated (LDL) bad cholesterol is caused by a variety of factors. cholestasys™ is the ONLY natural solution that rebalances your healthy cholesterol levels quickly and completely, once and for all.

If you're treating just one of the causes of bad cholesterol, you're only halfway there!

Cholestasys™ is the ONLY cholesterol solution that naturally eliminates your cholesterol imbalance from the inside out. By providing your body the specific tools it needs, Cholestasys™ addresses the root cause at the cellular level where it benefits you the very most.

What Cholestasys™ Does For You!

Other so-called remedies and formulations you can find on the store shelf are de-natured and impotent because they do not have the scientific approach to the blending and extraction process.

There are only two machines in the world that can do this to ensure Cholestasys™' potent superiority.

Experience The Cholestasys™ Effect!

Cholestasys™ functions at the molecular level helping the renewal of your body's balance at the cellular level to GUARANTEE that it:

Inhibits Cholesterol Absorption: Cholestasys™ helps balance cholesterol absorption throughout the intestine by reducing cholesterol's solubility.

Promotes Cholesterol Excretion: Cholestasys™ helps increase excretion of fat and cholesterol from the body, which directly lowers the bad (LDL) cholesterol levels.

Directly Reduces Cholesterol Production: Cholestasys™ helps reduce the body's natural cholesterol production from the liver and peripheral tissues (such as the adrenal glands), lowering overall bad cholesterol concentrations.

Lowers Circulating Cholesterol in the Blood: Cholestasys™ promotes healthful LDL receptors in the liver cells. Which helps the liver clean up (LDL) bad cholesterol blood concentrations, increased LDL receptor activity increases the clearance of circulating (LDL) bad cholesterol, which are thereby directly reduced.

Now you can understand why over 77% of our customers come from word of mouth referrals. Here are some of their life changing testimonials.

There you have it; Cholestasys™ is not a kept secret anymore! It's time has come, and so has yours.

It's time for you to start thinking Cholesterol-free!!!

Start Thinking Cholestasys™

What our customers are saying...

You too can expect similar results.

Submitted by: Dell Carlson
From: Toledo, Ohio
On: November 3, 2005

Meet A Contractor Who Convinced His Doctor To Order Cholestasys™

I’ve been a general contractor for 30 years and when my doctor put me on a prescription and told me to slow down I was really concerned. I thank God that I haven’t had any heart attacks like my brother who has had 2 already and he is only 4 years older than me and works in an office. I don’t do as much physical work as I used to but my job does demand I step in once in a while and it can get a little stressful, to say the least.

Let cut to the chase here. I want to thank you for your cholesterol product. Bottom line is I was at around 190 when I started the prescription. Well I had upset stomach and felt dizzy once while inspecting a roof job and well I just stopped taking the stuff. My wife was the one who found your natural product on the Internet. Well I have to tell you, now my cholesterol is down safely around 160 and I feel good. I can’t afford to have anything make me feel sick like those drugs did. I am really relieved that Cholestasys is available and I also want to tell you that my doctor is so impressed that he said he will be ordering a lot of your product for others like me. Thank you once again, sincerely,

Submitted by: Betty Muirs
From: St. Paul, Minnesota
On: November 20, 2005

Read How A Group Of Nurses Are Spreading The Good
News About Cholesterol

Dear MicroNutra Health™, let me introduce myself. My name is Betty and I’ve been an LPN for 17 years here in the Twin Cities. I have seen the negative side effects of statin drugs like Lipitor and Pravachol all too often. These powerful drugs should not be prescribed to patients with compromised liver or kidney health. Unfortunately most patients over the age of 50 have already taxed their liver and kidneys through the years.

I was very impressed with the data available from your Cholestasys web site. I had been looking for an alternative to statin drugs that had been time tested. The self-regulating effects of Cholestasys are impressive. One of the most impressive benefits of your product that I have seen is in the fact that it helps to safely balance total blood cholesterol levels. A secondary danger of statins is that they tend to reduce LDL below healthy levels, which increases the risk of hemorrhagic strokes (bleeding in the brain) and other imbalances.

I work in concert with an In-Home-Healthcare Agency and I tell a lot of my patients about Cholestasys. My colleagues and I are getting the word out to many of the doctors as well. I wanted to write this letter to say Thank You, and to let you know what a positive impact you are having on the health and welfare of so many people!

More Proof is in the Ingredients

You’ve heard us say the product works. You’ve read the testimonials from satisfied customers. You’ve even seen the results of our internal polling and the results of an independent lab study. If you’re still not 100% convinced that Cholestasys™ can help you obtain normalized cholesterol levels, then this section is for you.

Below is a short explanation of each ingredient in Cholestasys™ and its proven benefit (often over centuries of use) in safely normalizing cholesterol levels and promoting good health.

Guggul is effective because it lowers serum cholesterol and triglycerides. When broken down, scientifically, Guggul contains powerful isolates. These isolates are known as Guggulsterones and are very successful in lowering lipid levels. These key Guggulsterone isolates in Cholestasys™ also decrease the stickiness of platelets to further help lower your risk of coronary artery disease and strokes.
Niacin is a member of the Vitamin B family, known as vitamin B3. Niacin is a natural cholesterol-lowering agent that alone has been shown to outperform prescriptive drugs in mild and even moderate cases! It helps your body to work on the cellular level and increases the health of the digestive system, improves circulation, promotes healthy skin and the sound functioning of your nervous system.
Policosanol is isolated and refined from sugarcane. The active ingredient is octacosanol. Clinical studies have demonstrated policanosol has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and neural- protective properties. Policosanol has been shown in studies to normalize cholesterol as well or better than statin drugs without the negative side effects.
Plant Sterol Complex
Cholestasys™ also contains a potent Plant Sterol Complex! Plant sterols are minor constituents of natural vegetable oils that are chemically similar to that of cholesterol. Plant sterols have been shown to lower the bad cholesterol levels by reducing the absorption of dietary and biliary cholesterol from the gut without side effects.
Cayenne has been revered for thousands of years for its healing powers. Cayenne is also recognized as a catalyst, which amplifies the benefits of other herbs when synergistically combined. Cayenne has nutritional attributes as well, being rich in vitamins A and C along with the complete B complex. It is also a very good source of organic calcium and potassium, which again benefits the blood and the heart!
Garlic is known to reduce cholesterol as well as defend against bacterial and fungal infections. Garlic contains 40 organic compounds and includes over 100 bio available chemicals! In 1994 Adesh K. Jain, M.D. of the Clinical Research Center at the Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, reported how garlic can lower blood levels of total cholesterol and specifically LDL cholesterol (the bad one)!

There is no arguing the effectiveness of each of these individual ingredients. The secret of Cholestasys™ success comes from the proprietary blending at the molecular level of all these ingredients to attack the root cause of high cholesterol from every direction.

Folks, I can't stress this part enough.

Two products with similar ingredients can differ substantially in effectiveness. Our products are far more than a bunch of mashed together herbs. Cheap, poor quality supplements are virtually useless as they have low effectiveness and will not improve your health.

Our scientists have discovered at the molecular level how to maximize potency and absorption utilizing our patent-pending 12 step pharmaceutical-grade blending and extraction process. This is what makes our products superior. Don't trust your health to anything less.

I've shown you how the product works, given you positive testimonials from happy Cholestasys™ customers, shown you the results from independent lab tests, and broken down the essential ingredients to help you understand better how they individually work.

The only thing left is for you to decide to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for your own health because no one else will. 'Health is a Choice' that you must make on your own.

I hope that I've presented the information above clearly enough that you too now feel comfortable in making the educated decision for good health. The only thing left to do is present you with our 100% risk-free money back guarantee.

FDA Approved Manufacturing Facilities

Every product manufactured for MicroNutra Health™ is done so in an FDA approved facility under "Good Manufacturing Practices" guidelines. These guidlines assure that every single capsule and pill sold by MicroNutra Health™ is of the highest quality and purest form. We won't trust your health to anything less, and neither should you!

Our Promise to You

I already know that you will love Cholestasys™.

We guarantee you'll be absolutely thrilled
or we'll reverse your payment like it never happened...

(Literally right up to the last day of the 12th month, period!)

I can promise you that Cholestasys™...

will drop your cholesterol at least 30 points in the first 30 days
will normalize both your HDL and LDL levels and triglycerides
will help you to stop worrying and start living again
will give you more energy and make you feel younger
will help you sleep better
has no negative side-effects

Your Health is Priceless

A 30-day supply of Cholestasys™ cost less than $2.00 per day at the single bottle price. Most of our customers opt to save even more money by taking advantage of our multi-bottle price break, which allows a significant savings of up to 50%

Either way its' all GUARANTEED!

Compared to everything you stand to lose if you don't make a change right now, $2.00 is just a drop in the bucket. What else can you do for $2.00 that will so greatly affect the quality of your life, your career, your family, and your home?

You've already taken the first step upon the
natural path to complete wellness!

Don't hesitate, order now . . .

Frequently asked questions

Q: How soon after starting on Cholestasys™ can I expect to see results?
A: We have found that people, like you, who start on Cholestasys™, will experience a noticeable reduction in their cholesterol levels within one to two weeks of starting on the product. Clinical trials have shown normalization of cholesterol levels with prolonged use and a healthy lifestyle.

Q: When starting on the Cholestasys™ can I stop using other medications I am taking?
A: You should continue to take any medications that have been prescribed by your physician. As your cholesterol levels improve, you should inform your physician that you want to reduce or stop the amount of medications you are taking.

Q: Is Cholestasys™ safe?
A: Because Cholestasys™ is made with all-natural ingredients and no harmful steroids, fillers, or chemicals; it is absolutely safe to take on a regular basis. As always, consult your physician if you have a concern.

Q: How long does one bottle of Cholestasys™ last?
A: A single bottle of Cholestasys™ has 60 capsules and will last approximately one month.

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