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Is a Yeast Infection a Sexually Transmitted Disease?

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Your yeast infection may share many symptoms with other infections including sexually transmitted diseases like Gonorrhea and Chlamydia, however, the similarities end there.

While yeast can be passed between partners through sexual contact, a yeast infection is not considered a sexually transmitted disease; it is only sexually associated. Don’t jump the gun and assume she has been with another partner; yeast infections happen to many monogamous couples.

Understanding the Origins of Yeast Infections

A yeast infection is not considered a sexually transmitted disease because a woman does not acquire it by having sex; rather, a yeast infection is due to an overgrowth of yeast in the vagina that may be caused by a variety of factors, including the use of antibiotics, hormones, or a weakened immune system.

It is estimated that at least 70% of women have experienced at least one yeast infection in their lifetime, and at least 50% have experienced two or more. Therefore it is a common occurrence and easily treatable.

The Sex Factor

It is common for a young woman to experience her first yeast infection shortly after becoming sexually active. It is thought that semen promotes the growth of Candida into a stronger form and that sperm actually prevents the white blood cells in the vagina from combating the yeast.

If this happens, a girl may think she has a sexually transmitted disease because she has recently started having sex and because the symptoms are similar to those of common STDs, but she should be aware that a yeast infection is not an STD. It is simply her body’s reaction to those external factors.

The Ping-Pong Effect

The symptoms of a yeast infection are painful; itching, burning, and a lumpy discharge will render no woman in the mood for sex. However, if unprotected intercourse does occur, it is possible for her partner to contract the infection and he will need to seek treatment too. If he does not and they continue with sex then he may pass it back to her thus the “ping-pong” effect.

Yeast infection of the mouth, called oral thrush, is also a possibility if oral sex is performed on an infected partner. In this way yeast may be referred to as a sexually transmitted disease, but yeast infections do not fit the official bill of STDs. It is wise to abstain from sex or practice safe sex until the infection has cleared.


It is essential to see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. If you suspect you have passed your yeast infection to your partner, have him tag along too, unless you want to play a long game of yeasty ping pong.

There are myriad over the counter antifungal treatments as well as prescription medications. Plain cultured yogurt applied topically may also do the trick. For an alternative treatment, try Candidol , a safe and effective natural treatment for yeast.

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