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  • Daily support to help women achieve & maximize the female orgasm
  • Heighten sense of pleasure and enjoy multiple female orgasms
  • Increase sexual desire, energy & pleasure without side effects

Matching Your Commitment to a Healthy Lifestyle

Hi, my name is Pauline, and I'm the Customer Care coordinator for MicroNutra Health. Thank you so much for visiting us today! I'm here to tell you about our exciting Dietary Tools™, and to show you how Dietary Tools can help you maximize your healthy lifestyle success. Anytime you need me, just call 1.800.875.0850 - I'm here to serve you!

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MicroNutra Health is Matching Your Commitment™ to a Healthy Lifestyle, and Dietary Tools are just one of the ways we help you get there. Let's clarify why Climaxol™ is the perfect way to pave your healthy path today.

Climaxol is a nutritional matrix formulated to supplement the orgasm-enhancing nutrients you don't find in your everyday diet.

As part of a healthy lifestyle, the natural nutrition in Climaxol can help you revitalize your sex life . . . without negative side effects. Our proprietary blend of botanical herbs is designed for maximum results.

Climaxol can help you enjoy . . .

  • More pleasure during sex

  • Natural support for your female orgasm

  • Boosted mood, desire and confidence

  • All the benefits of orgasm-released endorphins

  • A more powerful attraction with your partner

  • Support for better sex without side effects

Take advantage of your power to achieve that kind of orgasm! Climaxol goes to the heart of the matter, nutritionally neutralizing physical, mental, and emotional obstacles to maximize your desire and orgasm potential. A better orgasm means better sex, and better sex means a healthier you.

"Before Climaxol, the thought of any sexual activity made me roll my eyes because I just didn't want to do anything, but now all it takes is one kiss or a simple touch." - Bethanee, (LA) 02/11/2008

"Now we are both satisfied, and we thank Climaxol!" - Dan P, (Germany) 02/22/2009

Feel the difference with aphrodisiac-infused Climaxol tonight!

Ready to try Climaxol™? We'd like to make you an exclusive introductory offer: Climaxol™ is now just $15! You can order online now, or call 1.800.875.0850 and a trained Hello Life Specialist will be happy to answer your questions and help you place your order.

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  • Reach and maximize the female orgasm(s)
  • Boost libido, energy and sensitivity
  • Enjoy pleasure with no side effects*

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